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Assalamualaikum..for muslim and hello to all my non muslim friends..welcome to my blog ..firstly thanx to all of you..this is my 1st blog, so i’m sorry coz its look so simple blog..i love to learn much more about how to create a nice and best blog..before that..my name is Bukhari Bin Tuah..that’s my full name or you can call me ‘Ayie’. I’m 23years old….still younger..or in malay we call it ‘muda cek cek’……i love muzic, all type of genre..muzic can give a lot an idea to support me to do something….i’m lefthanded and someday i hope that i can be like Man Kidal (Lefthanded Guitarist). in Malaysia we call him OTAI guitar same like slash (Gun & Roses), Jimmy Hendrix, Yngwie malmstein(legend in world of guitarist band muzic)………

ok…my background lifestyle….i’m only a simple person…my friends said i’m so funny coz always make a stupid joke..i’m a fresh graduated from PSAS(Politechnic Sultan Azlan Shah) in Tanjung Malim…my major course is Marketing..and now after i finished my studied, i get opportunity to join 1 ICT program sponsored by Skali.net company and Perak States Goverment (SPIKE Program)…the main objective of this program is to create more technopreneur in Perak on 2010.i love adidas and levi’s products..and my fevret things that i loved to do when i’m alone is paly guitar and read japan cartoon magazine like naruto,bleach,fairy tale…and many more…just download at Saiyanisland.com @ narutocentral.com….ok…that’s all……thanx to visit my blog….bye….


Well its Tuesday night again, so that means pool comps!
Well tonight I was a ruthless player, I played a total of 3 games and won all 3 but I was mean hahahaha! I played the white ball so well but the way I played was forcing the other person into shots that opened up the table for myself!
When you play a game like this it means the person your playing against is thinking “you as___ole” I know that cause I have came accross players who done it time and time again against myself lol
The idea of the game though is to have fun and enjoy the game and have a good time against the person playing against – not losing the spirit of the game you may say. So whether you win or lose you have a good rapore with the person you play!
However I did play like a meanie tonight and was fun! every shot I took I left the white ball in a place where the person had no choices and then leaving all 3 opponents with 4 balls left on the table, I want to play like this and I want to become better at it as I have ambition to go into state and possible international comps if I can. I also played the harder shots for pots that where the white ball ends where I want it to giving me an advantage over potting. I even played – one game I was constantly in snooker on my last ball so purposely playing fouls but making sure i didnt leave a foul snooker, I forced the player to take a shot of risk that where they fouled from it then I had foul snooker and ball in hand with nominations so was good!
Our team won 12 games wins to only 3 losses and we are finally 2nd or 3rd on the ladder. I wasnt mean as in personal either hope you may see this just the way I played the game! lol

Anyways dinner was fab – my compliments to the pub that I play for their generous hospitality and service. We had a feast of Chicken curry and brasied steak and rice and wished I never had maccas before hand cause I would have gone back for seconds

I am really happy and proud of myself and my team over tonights performance, I was asked how am I finding being in that team by the captain and I replied I am enjoying it and its showing in my gameplay. Its beginning to feel like a good team environment where we all compliment each other and work together as a team!

Also best wishes for Queenie I hope your feeling better hun


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